With Benecol® you can boost the cholesterol lowering effects of a healthy diet



1   Just one bottle of Benecol a day

High cholesterol is one of the most significant risk factors for coronary heart disease. Benecol plant stanols are an effective way to lower cholesterol. Choose an effective combination from the start.

You may take Benecol yogurt drink as part of your daily diet and to be consumed with a meal.




2   Let’s built a healthy diet

Increase the amount of fiber by eating more vegetables, fruits, berries and whole grain food.

Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats by using healthier vegetable oils, low fat meat, low fat alternatives to high fat dairy products.

Eat fish twice a week.

Avoid eating food containing high amounts of saturated fats or added sugar and salt.


3   Exercise Regularly

Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily to reduce excessive body fat and increase HDL cholesterol levels.

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